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Which is More Effective, an Air Flosser or a Water Flosser?

Posted on 3/25/2018 by Kooning Family Dentistry
Water Flosser Kooning Family Dentistry OR 97035In the dental world, flossing is the precision SWAT team sent in to clear out debris that cannot be removed by brushing alone. As important as it is, only 4 out of 10 American adults floss daily and the number is much lower for children.

It is a loathed chore and that fact has brought about the invention of electric flossing tools (or oral irrigation devices) that make it easier and even more fun! Two types of flossing tools have emerged, thus bringing about the question, which is more effective?

Water Flosser

The first oral irrigator was developed in 1962, and eventually became the Waterpik, the most widely known brand. It employs a stream of water to remove food and plaque and studies have shown that it works more efficiently than manual flossing alone.

Air Flosser

The air flosser arrived on the scene much, much later, perhaps in response to some of the water flosser's drawbacks. It uses a microburst technology, which is bursts of air combined with your choice of water or mouthwash.

The technology of the water flosser has had more than 50 years to gain its name and following, but the size of the unit on a bathroom counter, the mess it can make, and the need for a hose (making it less portable,) has made the air flosser a popular alternative.

It is lightweight, easily portable, and, since it doesn't use water, requires no cleanup. But is one better than the other? A 2012 study showed that the water flosser, along with manual tooth brushing, removed significantly more plaque than the air flosser and manual tooth brushing.

As long as these tools increase the number of people flossing regularly, it really doesn't matter which works better when it comes down to it! Flossing, manually, with water, or with air, is vital to your dental health, as well as regular cleanings and care! Call our office to set up your next cleaning today!
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