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We offer comprehensive dental services for the entire family. Our staff, along with Christopher Kooning, DMD are here to educate, offer tips and to oversee your oral health, offering preventive care, dental restorations, and cosmetic dentistry. Your oral health is important to everything we do, how we express ourselves, what we eat, and how we communicate. We want your mouth to show the best part of you, your smile.
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Biolase WaterLase iPlus All-Tissue Laser

WaterLase laser dentistry in Lake Oswego, OR.At Kooning Family Dentistry, we make use of the Biolase WaterLase iPlus dental laser whenever it is the best tool for the job. This allows us to offer better results to our customers, and create more desirable services overall. Our precision dental laser allows us to more accurately administer root canals, fit crowns, and resolve issues like tongue tie in our patients.

Biolase WaterLase iPlus has great results with most patients, but sometimes certain patient circumstances may not allow it as an option. Dr. Chris Kooning will determine the treatment that's right for you.

Excellent Selection of Tips and Accessories

The Biolase WaterLase iPlus All-Tissue Laser offers a wide assortment of tips and accessories, creating just the right laser focus for every single procedure and treatment method. The tips were carefully engineered to be exactly the right size to handle common dental problems. That allows us to help you with tools that fit your mouth best, instead of trying to use a single size for every mouth. This would result in discomfort in some of our patients.

Safest Dental Tool

The Biolase WaterLase iPlus that we use in our office comes with the lowest risk for cross contamination possible during regular dental procedures. While there is a risk of contamination when procedures rely on standard tools and equipment, such as dental burs, this risk is all but gone with this advanced tool. All the tips and accessories can be properly sterilized, and remove the risk involved with many dental procedures.

More Precise Root Canal Treatment

Treating infection within a root canal is delicate business and best left up to the most precise instrument available. That is why we rely on a high powered dental laser to take care of the task. The precision laser can target the tiniest spots of infection and decay and remove them from the narrow root canal while minimizing discomfort and damage that is normally caused during the procedure. We can offer improved root canal results with this tool, and reduced recovery periods as well.

Closer Fit Crowns

It can be difficult achieving a precise fit with a crown when molding it to an existing tooth and the surrounding gums. That is easier at our practice thanks to the Biolase WaterLase iPlus laser. It is specifically designed to remove irregular gum tissue that would inhibit a precise fitting crown. With this tool, we can create a better fitting crown and give you a custom fit that is far superior to what is achieved with standard dental equipment.

Reduce Tongue Tie

Tongue tie is a real condition that many people suffer from. It is typically caused by an excessive amount of tissue or muscle attachments at the tongue. By using a surgical dental laser, we can remove just enough of those attachments to free up your tongue and make talking and other tasks, like chewing and swallowing, easier to do.

If you suffer from any of the issues mentioned above, and you want the best possible care, we urge you to come into Kooning Family Dentistry to make use of our services. You will enjoy top-level care and precise results only a laser can achieve. Call us at (503) 673-9097 to schedule an appointment today!
Christopher D. Kooning DMD, PC
(503) 673-9097

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