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We offer comprehensive dental services for the entire family. Our staff, along with Christopher Kooning, DMD are here to educate, offer tips and to oversee your oral health, offering preventive care, dental restorations, and cosmetic dentistry. Your oral health is important to everything we do, how we express ourselves, what we eat, and how we communicate. We want your mouth to show the best part of you, your smile.
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Implant FAQ

Dental implants at Kooning Family Dentistry.Tooth loss has a huge impact on your life. It impacts your ability to eat your favorite foods as well as how you speak. Here at Kooning Family Dentistry, your oral health and satisfaction are our top concerns. We aim to provide you with the highest quality care that you deserve. If you have lost some or all of your teeth, we offer dental implants as a solution.

What are Dental Implants?

Implants are titanium rods that are surgically placed in your jawbone. A single implant can hold one crown or a fixed bridge of multiple teeth. If you're missing a whole arch of teeth dental implants can even support a permanent full arch restoration. The rods fuse to the bone in your jaw through a process known as osseointegration. Unlike traditional dentures, which are supported by your gums, your prosthetic teeth are supported by these implants.

What is the Implant Process?

First, unhealthy teeth are removed. Then, we drill into your jawbone and place the rods. Impressions are taken of your jaw and sent to a lab in order to create your own custom tooth restorations. We will provide you with a temporary set of false teeth while you wait for your permanent teeth to be made.

What's the Implant Recovery Process?

Healing can take up to 12 weeks. Some pain and swelling is to be expected when you first leave the office. Pain can be managed with over the counter pain medications, more severe pain with a prescription. For the first 24 hours, you can use ice to help limit the amount of swelling you experience and after 48 hours, moist heat can help bring it down.

It is also important that you rest, especially during the first couple of weeks. This will help to limit swelling, pain and bleeding. And be sure to eat a soft diet full of nutritious foods. Soft foods will be easier on your gums.

Finally, you will return to our office several times before your permanent teeth are ready so that we are able to monitor the progress of your implants.

What are the Advantages of Implants?

The titanium rods implanted in your jaw act just like the roots of teeth and therefore slow, and even prevent, the bone loss you would otherwise experience with missing teeth. Implants can be brushed just like your natural teeth, and they should be in order to maintain the health of your gums. They are a permanent fixture and don’t require near as much maintenance as dentures. Nor do you need to worry about denture adhesive. You also won’t need to be refitted for a new set of teeth as you would with dentures.

How Much do Implants Cost?

The cost of implants depends upon several factors—how many teeth are being replaced, if you need other procedures beforehand, such as a sinus lift, the type of implant, etc. You may be able to have a portion of your implants covered by insurance.

Should I get Dental Implants?

Candidates for dental implants are in good overall health. You must be free of gum disease. You must have sufficient bone density in your jaw. You can be missing anywhere from one to all of your teeth. It is also recommended that if you smoke, you quit. Smoking can have a negative impact on your ability to heal and greatly increase your chances for infection or other issues. You should be willing to quit at least for the duration of your healing.

If you are interested in dental implants, Kooning Family Dentistry can help. Call us today at (503) 673-9097 for more information!

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