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We offer comprehensive dental services for the entire family. Our staff, along with Christopher Kooning, DMD are here to educate, offer tips and to oversee your oral health, offering preventive care, dental restorations, and cosmetic dentistry. Your oral health is important to everything we do, how we express ourselves, what we eat, and how we communicate. We want your mouth to show the best part of you, your smile.
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Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays at Kooning Family Dentistry.At Kooning Family Dentistry, we strive to provide you with the highest quality care possible. In order to achieve this goal, we take x-rays of your mouth, which allow us to make the best possible treatment plan for your oral health. Traditionally, x-rays were taken with the use of radiation, and the images developed in a darkroom. While this process is still frequently used, we offer a newer, more technologically advanced option: digital x-rays.

Why Do We Take X-rays?

We take x-rays in order to get a much more up close and personal view of the hard-to-see parts of your mouth. X-rays help us to see the spaces between your teeth, under your gum line and your jawbone. They can be used for a variety of different purposes, such as determining periodontal disease, checking for abscesses, investigating impacted teeth or evaluating bone health.

What Is a Digital X-ray?

Digital x-rays are the latest in x-ray technology. Digital x-rays use very little radiation to see within your mouth, which reduces your exposure to radiation up to 90%. This can be a big weight off the minds of those who are worried about radiation. Images are captured immediately on a computer screen with the use of a sensor that is placed in your mouth.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays offer a number of benefits over traditional x-rays. For one, they save a lot of time. Traditional x-rays need to be developed in a darkroom. Images from digital x-rays are captured instantly on a computer screen, which means that your appointment time is shortened and you can get back to your busy life.

Images can be enhanced, which means that we can get a better look at the finer details of your mouth. They can be displayed in negative, put in color and magnified. These features allow us to catch problems before they become serious, aiding us in our mission to give you the best care possible. We can display images side by side, which allows us to better make comparisons between your x-rays. With this we can better monitor the health of your mouth, from tooth movement, to bone loss, to restorations.

Digital x-rays are saved in a digital file. This allows us to more easily access your information. We don’t have to go digging through large files looking for what we need, which again allows us to help you save valuable time in your day.

Finally, if you need a specialist, digital x-rays are exceptionally helpful. Before, if you needed to go to a specialist, we would give you a copy of your x-rays and you would be responsible for bringing them to your appointment. With digital x-rays, you don’t need to worry about handling your x-rays. We can instantly transfer them to whichever office you have been referred to, and all you need to do is show up to the appointment.

Digital x-rays are a great improvement over the traditional x-ray, and they help us to continue to provide you with exceptional care. For more information on how digital x-rays can improve the quality of your experience with us, call us at (503) 673-9097 today!
Christopher D. Kooning DMD, PC
(503) 673-9097

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