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Implant Supported Dentures

Dentures and implants in Lake Oswego, OR.Those that need dentures often find it hard to cope with having to remove them on a daily basis, clean them and generally deal with the extra maintenance involved. Not only that, but dentures have a tendency to move when the patient is talking, chewing or drinking. They can be embarrassing and cause the patient issues with self-confidence due to not having the proper fit, level of comfort or aesthetic that they were hoping for. This can all be solved with a pair of implant supported dentures provided by us here at Kooning Family Dentistry.

The Appeal of Implant-Supported Dentures

With the use of these dentures, not only are they anchored inside the mouth using implants, but they are beautifully placed to provide a more natural look. They will be modeled after your actual teeth, will not slip out and will feel like your natural teeth. They can be cared for like teeth, can be used to eat, to talk, and drink. Plus, your self-confidence is going to grow with each smile.

Many who have dentures look for alternatives, and implant supported dentures is a fantastic alternative. Implant supported dentures are one of the most appealing types of dentures on the market. They are comfortable and more practical than the other dentures that are generally provided to patients who have tooth loss.

How Implant Dentures Work

Knowing the process of implant supported dentures can make you feel much more confident about your smile once again.
•  Your mouth is measured and an impression is taken to design dentures that can comfortably fit inside the mouth. This can be taken directly from your mouth and your dental records to find out how the new dentures should look, feel, and act once they are placed inside the mouth.
•  Implant supported dentures are placed into the mouth using titanium posts. They are generally placed four on the top, four on the bottom. This depends on whether or not you need dentures on the top and bottom, or if you need both.
•  Once the four titanium posts are placed correctly and have healed, then the dentures are placed around the mouth and secured to the four posts. This will be one strip of teeth that sits comfortably on the gums and looks and feels just like your actual teeth.
•  The patient will be on a strict soft food diet until the teeth are healed, as well as orders to take pain medications to reduce any swelling or discomfort that the patient might feel after the procedure. While it might be sore, the procedure is well worth the beautiful smile that you’ll get in the end.

Here at Kooning Family Dentistry, our professionals work hard to provide all of our patients with the utmost care when it comes to placing implant supported dentures. We want you to feel confident and comfortable using the dentures that we craft for you.

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