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MTM® Clear Aligner

Clear aligners in Lake Oswego, OR.Here at Kooning Family Dentistry, we provide patients with a way to straighten their teeth and feel confident about it at the same time. Through the use of MTM® Clear Aligners, teeth can easily and effectively be moved without the use of wires or bands. These aligners are more comfortable, better looking, and easier than ever to use. MTM® Clear Aligners provide the patient with a way to straighten their teeth without the hassle that comes from traditional braces. Learn more about the invisible braces that are sweeping the nation and find out if you would be a good fit for the MTM® Clear Aligners.

How do MTM® Clear Aligners work?

MTM® Clear Aligners provide the patient with a unique experience when compared to traditional braces. They essentially do the same straightening, but they cannot be seen and are hardly felt according to most of our patients. With the use of aligners that are specially formatted to fit each individual patient’s mouth, they can transition the teeth into their proper placements within a short time frame.

These clear aligners have to be replaced over time with new ones. These new ones will slowly push the teeth into their correct position. Once treatment has been completed, the patient will have to wear a brace at night for a short time, but can resume a normal life without having to wear the aligner throughout the day.

MTM® Clear Aligners were designed to progressively advance the placement of teeth to their correct positions. They are virtually undetectable and provide you with a beautiful smile in a shorter amount of time than traditional braces. The technology that is used with these braces allow the user to advance the placement of their teeth using a series of trays that are worn over time and adjusted based on the movement of the teeth from the previous aligner.

The aligners are virtually invisible, making them an ideal choice for adults or children who are feeling self-conscious. If you thought that it was too late to get the straight teeth that you want, MTM® Clear Aligners can provide you with the straightening that you have always wanted to have, without the worry of the process being noticed.

Are you a goodfFit?

There are numerous reasons to use MTM® Clear Aligners for your teeth. Not only can these aligners straighten them out if they’re turning, pushing out or in, or crowded in one space, but you can also bring spaced out teeth together. They can be matched to the teeth currently in your mouth, so that you’re able to easily slip the aligner on and slowly push your teeth their proper position. While not everyone is a good fit for MTM® Clear Aligners, almost everyone is. You will never know until you look into whether or not your overbite, crooked smile or spaced out teeth can be fixed.

Speak with Dr. Chris Kooning today regarding MTM® Clear Aligners and find out whether or not you are a good candidate for them. They can change your smile, and your life. Make an appointment with us here at Kooning Family Dentistry by calling (503) 673-9097 today!

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