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Sleep Appliances

Man sleeping in bed, snoring loudly, with woman next to him covering her ears with a pillow.A common disorder is not getting the oxygen needed while you sleep. Known as Sleep Apnea, when a patient's air passage is blocked while they sleep, the patient then experiences a dip in oxygen waking them just enough to disturb their rest. If this occurs multiple times in the night, the patient is not getting the rest they need and is experiencing dips and surges that your heart doesn't need. At Kooning Family Dentistry in Lake Oswego OR, Dr. Kooning can help you breathe easier with a customized appliance.

Why do I Have Sleep Apnea?

In most situations, the patient is suffering from Sleep Apnea because their tongue is sliding back in their mouth while they sleep causing the air passage to be blocked. Snoring is often a sign of this because snoring indicates blockage, though some patients may be suffering from sleep apnea without snoring. Sleep appliances that have been customized to fit you can help pull your lower jaw, and therefore your tongue, forward, opening up that space.

Sleep Apnea can cause a domino effect of other problems. Patients with sleep apnea frequently note a problem with exhaustion and the multiple effects that come with not getting enough rest.They are waking multiple times a night, disrupting their REM sleep, even if they are not aware of the constant waking. Sleep Apnea has also been found to have direct relation to cardiovascular problems, as the brain responds to dips in oxygen with surges to your heart to protect it. The long term problems of continued, untreated sleep apnea can be dangerous.

No Sleep Study Needed

A frustration for most of our Lake Oswego, OR patients is the need for a sleep study. We want to remove all frustrations so that you will get the rest you need. At Kooning Family Dentistry, we offer take-home sleep tests to aid in the diagnosis of sleep related breathing disorders.This eliminates the patient needing to schedule time at a sleep study clinic and allows them to take the test in the comfort of their own home.

Sleep Apnea Treatments

The two main sleep appliances we are using at this time are the Herbst appliance, as well as a Respire Blue appliance. Our office has a pharyngometer to measure the patency of the airway in different mandibular positions as well as a rhinometer to detect any possible nasal blockages. This equipment allows us to fabricate sleep appliances with a much higher degree of accuracy and efficacy than offices that do not possess this technology.

Herbst® Sleep Appliance

The Herbst system pulls your lower jaw forward, allowing for adjustments. If you do not initially find this appliance to be doing the trick, we can make tiny adjustments to find the right positioning for you.

Respire Blue Sleep Appliance

Image of Respire Blue Sleep Appliance, which is shaped like a custom mouthguard.The Respire Blue Series places the patient's jaw in a position that helps them have an open airway while they sleep by preventing the lower jaw from falling back and then closing the airway. With the Respire Blue appliance, the patient is able to inhale more air with each breath leading to a better night's sleep.

Schedule Your Sleep Apnea Visit

For more information on Sleep Apnea, and getting the rest that you need, contact Christopher D. Kooning DMD, PC at our Lake Oswego, OR 97035 office for more information: (503) 673-9097.
Christopher D. Kooning DMD, PC
(503) 673-9097

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