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Night Guards

Night guards and bruxism in Lake Oswego, OR.During the night, so many things can happen. Not only do some people snore, but all too often you will find a person who grinds their teeth in the middle of the night. This is not good for the teeth, or for those that have to listen to the grinding. There is a solution that allows the damage to the teeth stop. Night guards have come a long way over the years, and with the innovative technology and products all of us here at Kooning Family Dentistry use, patients can ensure that they are obtaining the best dental night guards.

We do not want to see you grinding your teeth down. Learn more about night guards and how they do their part to help those during the night hours.

What Bruxism Is All About

Grinding of teeth can cause permanent damage to the teeth, inside the mouth. Not only can this wear them down, but they may be misshapen, broken, weak or brittle due to the night time grinding that is done. When this is done, having broken teeth that need to be fixed can become expensive. Not only that, but even after the teeth have been fixed, it can be difficult to keep that same damage from happening all over again.

If you want to stop rubbing your teeth down, obtaining a night guard to help protect the teeth during the night can go a long way. If you notice someone grinding their teeth, tell them about it. Should you wake up with a sore jaw, come in and see us and let us take a look to see if you have signs of tooth grinding, also known as bruxism. Night guards that are customized to your mouth do far more good than the generic ones that you buy at the drug store which can be really awkward and uncomfortable to wear.

What to Expect With a Night Guard

Any type of mouth guard can feel weird inside the mouth at first. This is normal, but each night guard is properly fitted to each patient’s mouth. That way they feel minimal discomfort when having to wear them for long periods of time every night. They will not pinch the sides of the mouth, suction uncomfortably or cause further problems.

Night guards are made specifically for the patient that is requesting them. A mold and measurements of that patient’s mouth are taken to ensure that they have the proper fitting guard. This is what is going to provide them with a comfortable feel, since they have to sleep with the guard inside their mouth. Additionally, if the patient feels discomfort after using the night guard for a few nights, they can come back in and see us and have it adjusted.

Speak with us at Kooning Family Dentistry to set up an appointment to have your night guard fitted to your mouth. You will have more restful nights with the right protection that will keep your teeth from grinding. If you need help with other types of mouth guards, let us know when you come in and see us and we can let you know how we can help!
Christopher D. Kooning DMD, PC
(503) 673-9097

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