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15962 Boones Ferry Road Suite 105

Lake Oswego, OR  97035


​Sport Mouth Guards/Night Guards

Kooning Family Dentistry can protect your teeth from damage with a customized mouthguard or night guard.

Did you know?

Each year, 22,000 children (under the age of 18) visit an emergency room with dental injury related to a sports activity. Surprisingly, baseball and basketball injuries were the most prevalent in children between 13 and 18.

Boil and bite or other over-the-counter guards do not have the strength or density of our custom-made orthotics. Only dentist-made guards are designed to fit your mouth perfectly and comfortably; we all know improper fit equals reduced wear-time. If you play ANY sport, a guard is essential.


Night guards prevent stress-relate wear on your teeth. Bruxism, a common dental disorder typified by patients grinding or clenching their teeth while they sleep, can cause serious problems - even if your stress is short-lived. Bruxism can cause teeth to be ground completely flat, with few if any contours left to molar teeth. Clenching, another serious concern, can cause multiple fractures or tooth breakage. The creation of a night guard can protect you from clenching’s eventual result - compromised teeth, and eventual bacterial passage into them.

Another surprising fact about bruxism is that a higher percentage of children suffer from it than adults. Although up to 50% of adults suffer from episodic bruxism and up to 10% of them have daily occurrences, children tend to outpace adults by several percentage points in both categories. This points to stressors having more impact on children, most importantly at a time when their adult teeth are starting to come in and are in dire need of protection. Let’s face it, adult teeth do NOT regenerate. We have to protect our children’s teeth from stress and sports injury. A night guard is always the right answer.

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