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15962 Boones Ferry Road Suite 105

Lake Oswego, OR  97035


​Clear Correct

Many adult patients would love to enhance their smiles with braces but cringe at the idea of ugly, time-consuming, hard-to-clean metal braces. Clear plastic aligners are the answer, and we are proud to offer the Clear Correct® advantage. 



Clear Correct® is today’s alternative to traditional metal braces. After taking impressions of your teeth, Clear Correct® makes a series of transparent thermoplastic aligners designed to strategically shift your teeth into place in stages. You take them out to eat and to brush – but leave them in while working, socializing and sleeping. Clear Correct is:

•  Easy to remove at meals

•  Easy to clean

•  Invisible to others

•  Strong and resilient

•  Affordable

•  Ideal for daily flossing


There are other companies offering plastic aligners, but Clear Correct® is unique in two ways that our patients appreciate:

•  Clear Correct® is less expensive than Invisalign® or other brands. Expect to save over 30% for the same result.  

•  Clear Correct® is made in the U.S.A. Invisalign® and other competitors are made overseas. We place tremendous value on the safeguards and standards that materials made in the U.S.A. must meet.

How Does it Work?

Dr. Kooning works in consultation with both the patient and the lab to determine the optimal result of treatment. He designs the weeks. Incremental adjustments are made as a result of a few timed office visits, until your teeth have moved into perfect position. treatment and has the dental lab create aligners specific to your needs. Patients follow directions, replacing aligners every two weeks.

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