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Integrity. Compassion. Quality.

Aren’t those the things you really look for in a dentist?

If so, we believe you’ve come to the right place. Those three words encompass our practice philosophy, and we’re both proud and humbled by the opportunity to serve you, your family, and our community. You may be wondering – why have we chosen these specific ideals to focus on in daily practice?

Allow us to explain.

Integrity, for us, means always being honest. This habit is part of our culture, and you can count on it at every appointment.

  • We have fair prices, and give you an exceptional value for the services you’ll receive

  • We will always give you honest feedback about your dental needs, the ideal phasing of treatment, and the length of time we feel you have before current dental issues escalate

  • We stand behind the work we do and warranty our crowns and other high-value restorations for five years, provided you are seen in hygiene twice per year*

Welcome To Kooning Family Dental

Compassion and Quality are extremely important, and often rare, in modern dental environments. We believe your experience with us creates a lasting impression and impacts your home care. We are very attuned to the fact that your oral health critically influences your overall health, and we care about both. Our hallmark promise to you: we will always think about and act on the small things that will improve your visit, and we will always deliver the very best in care, with the highest quality materials.

You deserve a great dental team, and we’d love to have the privilege of being the one you turn to for exceptional dentistry.

Our Office Is Ready For You

Ready to get started? Call our office today for your appointment.

We are bi-lingual in Spanish and Italian.

(503) 675-4594

*Please see our Services page for information about our warranty and its stipulations.

Kooning Family Dentistry

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No problem!

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