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15962 Boones Ferry Road Suite 105

Lake Oswego, OR  97035



15962 Boones Ferry Road Suite 105

Lake Oswego, OR  97035


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Our Service Philosophy


 Whether you have complex dental problems or just one simple request, we’re prepared.

  • We’re determined to educate our patients. Because numerous studies have linked the harmful bacteria living in your mouth with serious health problems, we’re more convinced than ever that clean teeth can delay or prevent the onset of disease. Please ask us for more information. 

  • We’re committed to having fun and letting you in on it. Dental care is stressful enough already; we try to make everything we do as light-hearted and relaxing as possible. At the same time, you can count on us to listen to your concerns with respect and empathy.

Our Practice Philosophy

Our team is pleased to provide preventive, restorative and cosmetic care for every person in the family. From childhood through maturity, we’re there for every stage of your dental development. Our goal is to help you keep all your natural teeth for a lifetime.

Preventive Dentistry:

The purpose of preventive dentistry is to maintain health. Think of preventive care as equivalent to getting the oil changed in your car; everything lasts longer when it’s properly maintained. Regular cleanings, fluoride treatments, daily care and checkups ensure that your mouth and gum tissue are in top shape. This regular schedule of preventive maintenance (once every six months) will help you avoid painful consequences, simply because we’ll catch potential problems in their early stages and remedy them before they become real issues.

Restorative Dentistry:

Restorative dentistry is basic repair of the mouth.  Every day we restore people – just like you – to health by replacing broken or leaking fillings, building crowns and bridges, creating dentures or partials and maintaining implants. Many of these treatments have the added benefit of being cosmetic in nature, in that our restorations are pleasing to the eye. We also make recommendations for and treat the varying stages of gum disease and place invisible braces on teens and adults.  Dr. Kooning performs root canal therapy on anterior and bicuspid teeth as well. It’s most important to us that dental care is convenient and easy for you to obtain.


Cosmetic Dentistry:

Cosmetic dentistry is a huge interest for many of our patients.

Modern techniques allow us to

  • Drastically lighten tooth color,

  • Reconstruct widely spaced or missing teeth, and

  • Completely reinvent your smile with porcelain veneers.

Many cosmetic treatment options are choices not covered by insurance. However, for those who have been dissatisfied with their smiles for years, this aspect of dentistry is incredibly exciting. No other type of care offers the same potential to dramatically transform your smile.

Another form of cosmetic dentistry is Orthodontic* care. Covered in part by insurance, orthodontic treatment uses varying appliances to move teeth into alignment. If you have crooked teeth, a noticeable under/over bite or trouble chewing, braces may be the best answer for you. Ask our team about the drastic improvements we can make to your smile, with clear aligners.

Everything we do in our office not only is a reflection of each of us as professionals, but also deeply impacts you as our patient. You are worthy of an exceptional dental experience, and it’s our outcome to give you just that. We welcome you at whatever dental condition you currently hold and promise to do our utmost to help you keep all your natural teeth for a lifetime. If that isn’t possible, we’ll give you the best solution and optimal function, at a price that is fair.

You deserve a beautiful smile! Find it with us.

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